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For the past couple of years, we have been trying to determine the most important reason entrepreneurs request more information about the "Opportunity is Brewing" program. So far the data shows us that the number one motivation for contacting us is the desire to be "Financially Independent". As CEO of Tea Connexions, I greatly understand this motivation. I have been involved in numerous business opportunities because I sought "Financial Independence" and the fringe benefits it provides: flexibility and freedom to design and control one's own destiny.

At an early age I decided that I wanted to achieve this goal of "Financial Independence". It was a dream. I had no clue how to achieve this dream, but knew I wanted it.

While I was in University I used to watch a lot of late night TV. This is how I got exposed to Anthony Robbins and his infomercial. After seeing the ad about 20 times and how he promised that he would show me the key to achieving "Personal Power" and all the benefits--the major one being Financial Independence--I finally called the toll free line. I remember I was nervous, thinking--how am I going to pay for this on my student budget and why am I doing this? After all, "I thought to myself, I'm educated why do I need these tapes?" I even got "buyers remorse" and almost canceled my order, but decided "what the heck," let's give it a try, I have 30 full days to preview the tape program. I figured if I was not completely satisfied, then I could always return it for a full refund.

I waited six weeks and the tapes arrived. Since I had invested in the tapes, I immediately popped the first tape in and began using the program. The tapes taught me three key lessons:

1) Determine "What You Want". I know, this probably sounds like common sense doesn't it. But, Robbins pointed out that knowing what you want out of life is very important. Essentially, the only way to succeed at anything is to have a defined goal of where you want to be in a certain period of time. In the case of "I want Financial Independence", I forced myself to create a life's "road map" taking me to that destination.

2) "Take Action". Again, this probably seems relatively simplistic, but it is true. The only way to achieve Financial Independence is to make a decision and take action. Only if action is taken, can the dream of Financial Independence be achieved.

3) "Find a Mentor". This was the most important lesson I learned from the program. The quickest way to achieve Financial Independence was to seek out someone who presently is financially independent and duplicate what they have done.

I took his advice. This is how I started my first company. In fact, this is how I got involved in international trade. Without a commerce background and no business experience I decided to set up an export management company. My first client, a manufacturer of a housewares product. A very successful manufacturer who had won numerous marketing awards. This manufacturer sold a world class plastic wrap dispenser. One of the keys to his business plan: RE-SALE of the plastic wrap for his patented dispenser. Today, he is financially free because he continues to profit from plastic wrap re-orders. You might be thinking, what does plastic wrap have to do with tea? It is a consumable.

Early on during my business training, I was exposed to the power of consumables. And because of my desire to pursue international trade, I eventually found myself in India searching for a unique product, but most importantly, a consumable product. That's how I discovered gourmet tea.

Consumables distribution is one of the best ways to achieve financial independence for three key reasons.

1) High Return on Investment (ROI)

Since repeat profits are generated from repeat sales, the ROI should be high. Once the market is built through your sales and marketing efforts, you should continue to reap profits and high returns on your initial investment. In short, the initial investment in building a customer base, should yield a high return over time.

Participation in the "Opportunity is Brewing" program enables you to earn profits guaranteeing a ROI. Bottom line, once your customer base is built and, provided you offer exceptional service, then you should continue to receive repeat orders from your existing customer base. All of our customers gain access to our online training which will show you how to use "permission marketing" to generate sales of $93,600 or more.

2) Time Leverage

Most people earn wages by trading their time for money. In most instances, jobs requiring higher skills or education get higher salaries. The key to Financial Freedom is **not to be paid on an hourly basis**. But, to ***EARN CONTINUOUSLY regardless of the time of day.*** This concept is known as "time leverage". Entrepreneurs know that Financial Independence is only possible if time can be leveraged.

One of the benefits of the "Opportunity is Brewing" program is the turn-key e-commerce solution we offer which enables you to market the teas 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. This means that once the customer base is set up, you can accept orders while you are sleeping, on vacation, participating in volunteer work, working out, attending a class, etc. Participation in the "Opportunity is Brewing" program also empowers you to leverage your time by wholesaling the tea to retailers and/or setting up your own sales force to market your tea brand.

3) Loyal Customers - Strong Brands

Loyal customers are created through high quality product and superior service. Loyalty is the key to long term success and ever growing market share because loyal, happy customers tell their friends. In short, loyalty leads to "word of mouth" advertising which compounds your marketing efforts, leading to more sales and ever increasing profits. The power of loyalty is increased through branding.

Tea Connexions is a value added supplier that markets its products by working with our Marketing Partners. Our goal is only to supply our partners who retail and wholesale the products. Also, membership in the buying group DOES NOT, in any way, restrict you from carrying other tea products. In fact, we encourage our members to carry complimentary lines of products.

The concept of the "Buying Group" gives you the purchasing power similar to large retailers without having to purchase large volumes or commit to monthly purchases. Providing our members discounts below wholesale enables them to reap much larger returns on investment, one of the keys to Financial Independence.

In fact, one of our core goals is to help our members launch their own tea brands. When I started Tea Connexions, the slogan that I ran the business under was "Gourmet Teas in Custom Packaging". "Custom" meaning we can "Private Label" the product with your company name and contact details.

Why is this important? When you create your own brand through your marketing efforts, you will continue to profit from customers loyal to your brand. And since we stand behind the quality of our products, all you have to worry about is providing superior service to your customers.

The path to "Financial Independence" can be achieved through the distribution of consumables. This is the reason the biggest companies in the world manufacture and distribute consumables. Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson, Warner Lambert, etc. have made huge sums of money catering to consumers' concerns about health. (Demand for tea, by the way, has been increasing because of its many health benefits). Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors like Nabisco, Kraft, Coca Cola, Kelloggs, Star Bucks, etc. understand the power of consumables. These companies have been able to get huge returns on their marketing investments because they have leveraged their time and created a continuous and loyal customer base by building powerful brand names.

Ask yourself three key questions:

Do I want to achieve my goal of Financial Independence?

Do I think that distributing consumables will allow me to achieve Financial Independence?

Do I think that distributing the consumable, tea, will enable me to achieve Financial Independence?

If your answer is YES, Congratulations! :-)

Simply by making a decision and "taking action", you are on the right path to achieving Financial Independence. Let me be your mentor. I know, starting a business can be kind of scary. I know from experience. But now you have an opportunity to benefit from my years of experience. When I designed this program, I designed it so that it is easy to get started and easy to get results. Don't get me wrong, this is not a get rich quick scheme. I repeat, this is not a get rich quick scheme. In order to achieve your goal of Financial Independence, you will have to formulate a plan and "take action". But keep in mind, Tea Connexions is behind you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Membership in the buying group gives you access to in-depth training, start up product to help you re-coup your investment and earn a profit, and access to marketing tools to help you sell our products.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Tea Connexions family and hope that I can mentor you in your quest to achieve Financial Independence.

I hope you found this information useful. To ask me a question directly, feel free to call toll free: 1-877-leaftea (532-3832) ext. 111.

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta

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