Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tea Connexions is pleased to announce the opening of a new base of operations in the United States. As of September, 2009, Tea Connexions operations will be based in the state of Missouri, headed by our new President, Daniel Johnson. We will also be setting up two regional offices. Our V.P. of Western US Business Development, Michelle Davenport, will be based in California and our V.P. of Eastern US Business Development, Joseph Arnette, will be based in Georgia.

Through an exclusive licensing deal with Connexions Trading International Incorporated, the owner of the Tea Connexions name, TM, and intellectual property, Tea Connexions USA will be formed to manage all operations in the United States.

This will benefit existent and future customers in the United States in three key ways.

1. All US based operations will now be managed from within the US.
2. Decisions for building the business in the US will be made by the Executives in the US.
3. Since this will be US led, the revenue and profits generated from the US will stay in the US to create American jobs and further opportunities.

Announcing this new deal, Tea Connexions Founder and CEO, Sanjay Gupta commented:

I am delighted by this new direction of the company. I will continue to be intimately involved in the business focusing my energies on product development, the formation of strategic alliances with other tea suppliers and established brands, international expansion, the creation of new and improved marketing tools and training materials. We are more than just a tea importer and supplier to our customers, but partners, focused on helping our customers thrive and grow.

Michelle Davenport, a long time customer of Tea Connexions and strong believer in our mission commented:

I have known Sanjay since 2002 and am honored to be associated with his company. A customer for nearly 8 years, I am proud to offer my experience and expertise to existing and future customers. My goal is to help build Tea Connexions to the potential I believe it will reach. Sanjay is a visionary and my objective is to help him achieve his vision of helping the average consumer start a business they can be proud of.

Tea Connexions has been helping entrepreneurs start tea businesses since 2001. We have accomplished this objective by offering high quality products, training, and ordering flexibility. Our goal is not to burden our customers with case lots, but to offer flexibility through our no minimum ordering policy. We add further value by offering training, support, loyalty discounts, marketing tools, and volume bonuses. We are truly the tea company geared to the little guy with hopes that our efforts will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to own and operate the tea business of their dreams. In short, we offer consumers the opportunity to pursue the American Dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Joseph Arnette has been a customer of Tea Connexions since 2005 and has met Sanjay and his family several times when he attended conferences. Joseph comments:

In 2005, I asked Sanjay if he wanted to take the company public to raise capital through the markets. I was very pleased to learn that this was not his goal. His vision is for the company to be customer owned and driven. This new deal in the US is the beginning. Michelle, Daniel and I may be taking over US operations, but we fully intend to make the company even stronger by offering our customers an opportunity to benefit from the profits and growth of the company.

The Management TEAm of Tea Connexions USA will be led by Daniel Johnson from his base of operations in Missouri. Daniel is also a customer of Tea Connexions. As the new President of Tea Connexions USA Daniel will ensure that operations run smoothly. Daniel is excited by this new opportunity. In his words:

I started as a Tea Connexions Distributor in 2007. Now I am the President, this is a dream come true. I have learned a tremendous amount from Sanjay over the past couple of years and look forward to heading up the operations in the US working closely with Joseph and Michelle. One would think that expansion is not the right decision during a recessionary time. However, I strongly believe that Tea Connexions is positioned to help the growing numbers of unemployed that want control over their lives. Our new and simplified program makes it easy for anyone to start a business and we look forward to serving all existing and future customers who wish to pursue their teapreneur dreams.

Over the next couple of weeks Tea Connexions will be busy updating websites, getting the warehouse ready in Missouri, and finalizing details for the operational take over. We are excited by this new direction and look forward to serving you.

For more information please contact:

Sanjay Gupta
Tea Connexions
P.O. Box 580 STN Main
Kingston, ON
Phone: 613-887-2344 ext. 111