Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dear Tea Friends:

I just want to extend my best wishes to my American friends who are taking a deserved day off to get together with family and friends.

I know that it is tough to feel positive about the future right now. But, I think we all must take a good hard look at our current situation with some perspective. Right now there are people all around the world who are much worse off: children starving; wars being waged on its own citizens; economic and political strife.

Just recently, I watched a documentary on Somalia. The government is waging war on its own people. They showed some elderly women scrounging for food in a pile of rubble because their village was destroyed by the government. Broke my heart. We live in cruel times and it hurts me deeply to see innocent women and children suffering.

Currently, over 100 people have perished in an apparent terrorist attack in Mumbai India. I am thanking god that my wife and child are not in Mumbai right now. They are in India to celebrate my brother-in-laws wedding. I just spoke with Suruchi and she is fine; though, I am still worried and look forward to their return on December 28th.

We should consider ourselves lucky to live in democracies where governments are actually working to try to create solutions to the current period of economic instability. Throughout history there have been periods of economic stress. As always, we overcome. My hope is the governments of today will learn lessons from the past to create solutions for the future.

Do I believe in world peace? Yes, this is something I wish would happen. However, I think the reality is that as long as humanity continues to settle disputes with violence and financial gain is created from the trafficking and sale of arms, then we will always have war. History has shown this. I do not recall a period in history where the world has ever been at peace and there has not been war. My only hope is the governments of today will try to deal with the inequities of the world and implement policies that will lead to greater stability and peace.

The only thing I can do is continue to try to do my part to make the world a better place. A lover of history, I once wanted to be a professor and must admit, sometimes I really miss the atmosphere of the university. I think, at heart, I am intellectual in nature and hope one day to retire, go back to school, research and write books.

In the meantime, I will continue to carry on with Tea Connexions. Have to admit, I am passionate about tea and the fact that by being a business owner, I provide economic benefits to many people: my employees; my re-sellers and marketing partners; my suppliers in India and China and their employees; the governments that benefit from the tax revenue we generate; the couriers and freight companies that ship our products; the bankers that I pay interest and fees to; the accountants and lawyers that I consult with; our printers, server providers, designers, etc. As you can see, small to medium sized businesses enhance the livelihoods of many.

All this is possible because of the patronage of our customers and for that I am truly thankful. Your patronage not only enables me to stay in business, it also helps other business owners and families to retain their livelihoods as well. As you can see, in many respects, we are all some how connected.

Have a great day and please be grateful. I shall look forward to shipping out many more orders of tea. Our sale ends tomorrow.

Be Happy! Be grateful! Live with Passion!

Drink Tea and Prosper!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta
Suruchi Gupta (Sanjay's Spouse)
Shivam Gupta (Our adoring 3.5 year old son)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tea Connexions is a value - added supplier that provides you with a turn-key tea business solution. Below are some of the privileges and benefits we provide to our customers.

A. Economies of Scale
• Below wholesale prices on gourmet teas beautifully packaged ranging between 5.00% and 36.25% depending on the wholesale package you choose.
• Professionally designed marketing tools at significant cost savings due to group buying power.
• Professionally designed logos, web design products and services at discounted rates.
• Private labeling/branding service offered to all members on minimum orders as small as $2000. Most tea companies demand much larger orders for private labeling privileges.

B. Rebates and Credits
• Each wholesale package comes with Instant Inventory Credits that can be used for your shipments of teas only. The amount of the credit is determined by the package chosen.
• Tea Connexions also offers Volume Rebate Incentives for top performing members. If you reach purchasing targets, you will receive an inventory rebate check on the anniversary date of your first wholesale package purchase.

C. No Minimum Orders, No Inventory Requirements & Drop Shipping
• You are not obligated to purchase or stock inventory. You need only buy what you can sell. However, we do provide incentives to our top producing customers with Volume Rebate Incentives.
• All of our Members can take orders from their customers and have Tea Connexions drop ship the order directly to them.

D. High Quality Products
• High quality teas to encourage customer loyalty.
• Beautiful packaging to capture customer attention.
• Ongoing commitment to quality.
• Money back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

E. Training, Education, Support, Research and Development
• In-depth online business training and tea education to help your business grow and succeed.
• Tea Connexions is committed to update training on an ongoing basis; we research, you benefit.
• Periodic conference calls.
• Toll free support during regular business hours.
• Unlimited e-mail support.
• Periodic training conferences.
• Corporate commitment to research and develop new product lines and marketing tools such as marketing plans, content for newsletters, and more.

F. Freedom and Flexibility
• Freedom and flexibility to design your own marketing plan and create your own brand identity.

Questions, give us a call Toll Free, 1-877-532-3832.

Drink Tea and Prosper! Live with Passion!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta


Starting any new business is tough. To succeed in the tea business, take the following action:

1. Source the Product
2. Negotiate Price
3. Develop Marketing Tools
4. Faciliate E-Commerce
5. Promote and Market
6. Educate

1. Source the Product

To establish a tea business, you will need to source product, either through established importers and wholesalers or by purchasing direct from tea estates. Sourcing product takes time, much effort, and money.

As a member of Tea Connexions you don’t have to worry about these challenges. We spent two years and tens of thousands of dollars researching suppliers. After meeting with dozens of prospects, we settled on a select few. Our product line grew from 15 items in 2001 to more than 200 today and we are continually on the lookout for more high quality products from reputable suppliers. Our product line is unique because it focuses on the tea markets that are projected to grow by double digits: specialty tea, specialty flavored, organic, oolong, and green tea. Tea Connexions carries the finest of each.

2. Negotiate Price

To make your tea business profitable, you will need to negotiate favorable pricing. This is the tricky part because most tea companies offer volume discounted pricing: the more you purchase, the lower your price. The question is how much are you willing and able to invest before you have an established customer base.

Fortunately, we also did that work for you so you don’t have to negotiate price. As a member of the Tea Connexions Buying Group you benefit from volume discounted pricing without committing to purchasing large amounts of inventory. We traveled and met with suppliers to negotiate volume direct pricing, which we pass on to you.

For your convenience, we also drop ship small orders for you – a service not offered by many other tea companies.

3. Develop Marketing Tools

To market your teas effectively, you will need catalogs, brochures, business cards, and preferably a website. When Tea Connexions got its first catalog designed, it took 45 days and cost more than a thousand dollars to design. We then had to invest in printing after negotiating rates with dozens of printers.

As a member of Tea Connexions, once again you reap the benefit of our hard work. You don’t have to order thousands of catalogs to get a good price. Tea Connexions orders pallet loads of 50,000 or more marketing tools at a time. We do this so that we can offer you competitive rates on orders as small as 100 catalogs. Our goal is to offer you high quality print tools at cost effective rates.

4. Facilitate E-Commerce

To succeed in today’s business climate, you need a website. For that website, you need images, text, a shopping cart, a designer, and more. As part of our turn-key e-commerce package, your website is set up and ready to take orders. With our knowledge and expertise, we can get a website up and running in one tenth of the time it could take if it was built from scratch.

5. Promote and Market

Marketing takes time, money, and persistence. Consider this: to generate revenue, you will need to promote your business.

At Tea Connexions, we help promote all of Distributors through our online presence. Websites like, and send consumers to our Distributors. Tea Connexions also invests heavily in advertising to promote our website These visitors often end up on our other sites – providing valuable traffic to our Distributors’ websites.

6. Educate

To effectively own and operate a tea business, you must educate yourself about the business and marketing concepts.

As a member of Tea Connexions, you gain access to online training which offers tea education as well as business and marketing guidance. In fact, our online training includes an ever-increasing 400 html pages. We do the research; all you have to do is visit the training weekly or monthly to stay up to date. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to succeed.

Tea Connexions’ Goal Re-Visited

The Tea Connexions goal is simple:

To give you the knowledge, tools, and products that enable you to profit from the growing opportunities offered by tea.

We accomplish this goal by offering you high quality teas, marketing solutions, and training. The success of Tea Connexions and the buying group is directly dependent on the success of our members. For that reason, we strive to offer top quality products, training and tools to help you succeed. As a member of Tea Connexions, you receive a turn-key tea business that includes access to training, marketing tools, guidance on business and marketing. You also receive marketing support through our websites, e-commerce, and live support from our staff. All you have to do is market the product. That’s it.

We even offer you downloadable marketing tools that you can use to create a strategy to attract new customers. For instance, posted in the training area is a downloadable wholesale kit in MS Word format that you can customize and give to prospective gift shops, tea shops, and others that may want to purchase from you for resale. One of our Distributors used this kit to set up 10 wholesale clients in just 30 days.

Now that you understand how we help you start a tea business and succeed, click here to learn more about the Privileges and Benefits we offer.

Drink Tea and Prosper!

Live with Passion!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta


Here are the top five reasons to start a tea business.

1. Marketability

The most important consideration in business is the marketability of your product or service. Tea’s demand as a daily beverage, a popular gift, and a health food staple provides a readymade market with limitless opportunities. This is the right time to consider a tea business because of the increased awareness of tea’s health benefits. Publicity is creating a trend toward increased tea consumption. Since tea is a consumable, you will enjoy profits from the original sale and from ongoing refill orders.

2. Profitability
Profitability is another primary consideration you should review before investing in a business. Will you make money? If you invest and work your tea business, the answer is YES, absolutely. Numbers don’t lie. When you purchase a product below wholesale prices, you will definitely make a profit.

3. Flexibility
You may even create your own brand. You truly are the CEO of your business.

4. Uniqueness of our Concept
What makes us unique is not only the kinds of tea we offer, but our distinctive packaging fashioned from hand-carved, limited edition tropical hardwood containers, brass/metal, and papier maché. Since our products are suitable for the gift, food, and health industries, they can be marketed in many ways. You have the flexibility to tailor your own marketing strategy. You can establish a niche as a supplier of high quality consumables sold through gift, health, and tea channels.

5. Turn Key Solutions
When you join Tea Connexions, you gain access to more than 200 tea products, print and electronic marketing tools, and e-commerce. Extensive online training provides you with business and marketing guidance, tea education, and conference call training sessions.

Take action! Join TEAm Connexions for the financial freedom, flexibility, and control you desire. If you make an ongoing commitment to building your business you will realize your goals.

Work part time or full time, but always remember: results have a direct correlation to efforts. If you have passion and belief in your business, success will come easily. Passion is paramount. “The common denominator among successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Richard Branson is passion,” says BizPlanDirect’s Greg Parker. Passion is the fuel that will fire your business’ success.

Getting started with Tea Connexions is easy and straightforward. Download our two page summary for pricing details of our eight wholesale programs.

Questions? Call us toll free, 1-877-532-3832.

Drink Tea and Prosper! Live with Passion!


Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta
Founder, President, and CEO

P.S. Now that you understand why you should start a tea business click here to learn how Tea Connexions can help you get started with ease, less stress, and the greatest chances of success.