Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here are the top five reasons to start a tea business.

1. Marketability

The most important consideration in business is the marketability of your product or service. Tea’s demand as a daily beverage, a popular gift, and a health food staple provides a readymade market with limitless opportunities. This is the right time to consider a tea business because of the increased awareness of tea’s health benefits. Publicity is creating a trend toward increased tea consumption. Since tea is a consumable, you will enjoy profits from the original sale and from ongoing refill orders.

2. Profitability
Profitability is another primary consideration you should review before investing in a business. Will you make money? If you invest and work your tea business, the answer is YES, absolutely. Numbers don’t lie. When you purchase a product below wholesale prices, you will definitely make a profit.

3. Flexibility
You may even create your own brand. You truly are the CEO of your business.

4. Uniqueness of our Concept
What makes us unique is not only the kinds of tea we offer, but our distinctive packaging fashioned from hand-carved, limited edition tropical hardwood containers, brass/metal, and papier maché. Since our products are suitable for the gift, food, and health industries, they can be marketed in many ways. You have the flexibility to tailor your own marketing strategy. You can establish a niche as a supplier of high quality consumables sold through gift, health, and tea channels.

5. Turn Key Solutions
When you join Tea Connexions, you gain access to more than 200 tea products, print and electronic marketing tools, and e-commerce. Extensive online training provides you with business and marketing guidance, tea education, and conference call training sessions.

Take action! Join TEAm Connexions for the financial freedom, flexibility, and control you desire. If you make an ongoing commitment to building your business you will realize your goals.

Work part time or full time, but always remember: results have a direct correlation to efforts. If you have passion and belief in your business, success will come easily. Passion is paramount. “The common denominator among successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Richard Branson is passion,” says BizPlanDirect’s Greg Parker. Passion is the fuel that will fire your business’ success.

Getting started with Tea Connexions is easy and straightforward. Download our two page summary for pricing details of our eight wholesale programs.

Questions? Call us toll free, 1-877-532-3832.

Drink Tea and Prosper! Live with Passion!


Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta
Founder, President, and CEO

P.S. Now that you understand why you should start a tea business click here to learn how Tea Connexions can help you get started with ease, less stress, and the greatest chances of success.

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