Sunday, November 23, 2008


Tea Connexions is a value - added supplier that provides you with a turn-key tea business solution. Below are some of the privileges and benefits we provide to our customers.

A. Economies of Scale
• Below wholesale prices on gourmet teas beautifully packaged ranging between 5.00% and 36.25% depending on the wholesale package you choose.
• Professionally designed marketing tools at significant cost savings due to group buying power.
• Professionally designed logos, web design products and services at discounted rates.
• Private labeling/branding service offered to all members on minimum orders as small as $2000. Most tea companies demand much larger orders for private labeling privileges.

B. Rebates and Credits
• Each wholesale package comes with Instant Inventory Credits that can be used for your shipments of teas only. The amount of the credit is determined by the package chosen.
• Tea Connexions also offers Volume Rebate Incentives for top performing members. If you reach purchasing targets, you will receive an inventory rebate check on the anniversary date of your first wholesale package purchase.

C. No Minimum Orders, No Inventory Requirements & Drop Shipping
• You are not obligated to purchase or stock inventory. You need only buy what you can sell. However, we do provide incentives to our top producing customers with Volume Rebate Incentives.
• All of our Members can take orders from their customers and have Tea Connexions drop ship the order directly to them.

D. High Quality Products
• High quality teas to encourage customer loyalty.
• Beautiful packaging to capture customer attention.
• Ongoing commitment to quality.
• Money back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

E. Training, Education, Support, Research and Development
• In-depth online business training and tea education to help your business grow and succeed.
• Tea Connexions is committed to update training on an ongoing basis; we research, you benefit.
• Periodic conference calls.
• Toll free support during regular business hours.
• Unlimited e-mail support.
• Periodic training conferences.
• Corporate commitment to research and develop new product lines and marketing tools such as marketing plans, content for newsletters, and more.

F. Freedom and Flexibility
• Freedom and flexibility to design your own marketing plan and create your own brand identity.

Questions, give us a call Toll Free, 1-877-532-3832.

Drink Tea and Prosper! Live with Passion!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta

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