Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tea Connexions is offering our Chinese and Indian individually wrapped tea bags at below cost, only $0.95 per carton.

1. The Indian tea bags have visible printing errors on the individual wrapping, some spelling mistakes and color inconsistencies. Other than that the quality of the tea bags is similar to our regular tea bags. These are great for sampling purposes.

2. The Chinese tea bags are packaged in original cartons, but past their sell by date. Tea is still good, and can be used for sampling purposes as well.

3. For the bargain hunter, these are great teas at nearly 90% below the suggested retail price. Stock up on your favorite teas and enjoy.

4. Regular wholesale shipping rates apply to all goods, so please order more than one carton at a time.

5. All sales final, no refunds. This promotion can not be combined with any other offer and/or coupon credits.

6. This promotion is available while supplies last. Stock up and save!

7. All orders filled out of our warehouse in Missouri, USA.

8. Questions? Call Daniel Johnson, President, Tea Connexions USA at 314-657-0118.

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Best Regards,

TEAm Connexions