Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For nearly a decade, Tea Connexions has empowered our customers by offering training, marketing solutions, and an exceptional product line that can be sold through gift, health, and tea channels. Our unique business model is customer focused, offering ordering flexibility, loyalty discounts, and many other benefits not common to the tea industry.

Today, with our new management team in place, Tea Connexions USA is aggressively pursuing a growth strategy to capture market share in the specialty tea industry. To ensure that this growth is managed effectively and our customers are serviced at the highest possible level, we are seeking teapreneurs who wish to become Exclusive Area Distributors (EAD).

Three key benefits to becoming an EAD:

First, an EAD will manage and control a defined area for Tea Connexions USA and benefit from all sales in their territory.

Second, an EAD will get a preferred discount below wholesale, maximizing their profitability on wholesale and retail sales.

Finally, an EAD will be an elite member of Tea Connexions because limited territories will be available.

To launch this program, Tea Connexions USA will be holding monthly conferences in Fenton, MO. The first conference is scheduled for November 14th and 15th. Each conference is limited to ONLY 10 attendees to allow participants maximum access to Tea Connexions executives.

To learn more about the EAD program and how you can reserve your spot to attend one of our conferences, please visit

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