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1. Introduction

In 1984, a small Seattle-based coffee company took a chance on the idea that people would pay a premium for a high quality cup of coffee and opened a small coffee bar in downtown Seattle. The idea took off. By 1990 the company had more than eighty-four locations throughout North America. Entrepreneurs who took advantage of that early opportunity became rich. And they gained more than just money; they also gained control of their lives and their future.

We're looking for an elite group of energetic and independent entrepreneurs who understand that working hard and smart can bring great rewards, entrepreneurs who realize that customer loyalty will derive from exceptional value and service.

High quality teas are virtually non-existent in the North American market--what most consumers know as tea consists primarily of low grade tea "dust" or "fannings".

Tea Connexions imports Darjeeling, the "Champagne of Teas," directly from the world's finest tea plantations. As an independent distributor, you'll offer the consumer the very highest quality product in the marketplace.

Distributors for the "Champagne of Teas" have five distinct market advantages:

2. Market Advantage #1: Huge Profit Potential

Since our product is of the highest quality, you're able to command a premium price. Market our products at the suggested wholesale or retail prices and earn large profits. Whether you sell to traditional or gourmet markets, the profits can be incredible.

3. Market Advantage #2: Unique And Eye-Catching Packaging

Packaging causes the consumer to stop and consider your product. Our packaging has been called "consumer art." Each of our containers is a piece of hand-crafted art, making it a perfect gift item. Pre-packaged with the very finest teas, these items expand your markets to include gift and specialty stores.

4. Market Advantage #3: A Healthy Product

Tea contains one third of the caffeine of coffee or colas as well as natural antioxidants and flavanoids that have been shown to help prevent heart disease and cancer. According to recent Harvard University research, people who consume one or more cups of black tea daily REDUCED THEIR RISK OF HAVING A HEART ATTACK BY MORE THAN 40%!

According to the fourth edition "U.S. Tea is 'Hot' Report," released by Sage Group International LLC the greatest contributing factor to the tea industry's growth in the past two years has been news coverage of tea's health benefits. Unlike the coffee and cigar trends, distributing tea will not only make you wealthy, but it will positively impact your customers through better health and increased vitality.

Bill Waddington, owner of Tea Source in St. Paul, MN believes the wave towards tea "will have a longer-lasting impact (than coffee or cigars) because it is the only one that is good for you-IT IS THE ONLY TRULY LUXURY GOURMET FOOD IN THE WORLD THAT HAS LASTING EFFECTS ON THE HEALTH OF THE CONSUMER and that is also of remarkable value."

5. Market Advantage #4: The Power Of Creating A Personal Brand

The most exciting marketing trend of the Twenty-First Century lies in the ability to create a personal private brand for products. As a Tea Connexions distributor, you'll have the ability to create for your clients their very own private label. This market is virtually untapped and the profit potential is amazing. Imagine offering a local business the chance to offer a consumable product that features their logo and corporate name on distinctive packaging. Use your ability to private label your product for fund raisers or to develop your own brand name.

Imagine, as a Tea Connexions distributor you can create your own branded line of teas adored by your customers. Loyal customers results in long term sales and profits.

6. Market Advantage #5: Growing Market...Seize The Opportunity

"Specialty tea will represent the fastest growing segment of the tea industry over the next decade and has the capability of doubling its volume over the next five years and might grow at an even faster pace."
-Joseph P. Simrany, President of the Tea Association of the USA, Inc-

"Millions of American households will shift to tea as their preferred daily beverage choice during the next three years."
-Sage Group International, "U.S. Tea is 'Hot' Report," (4th Edition)-

"Sales of specialty and premium tea in the U.S. are skyrocketing. Earlier this year, market research firm Packaged Facts forecasted that U.S. tea sales would double in five years, from $7.4 billion in 2007 to $15 billion by 2012. The firm further projected that, over the same period, the specialty tea segment of the market would grow to comprise more than half of these total sales, up from its current share of 36 percent. This translates into nearly $5 billion in new specialty tea sales each year for five years - more than double the growth of commercial grade tea."
-Source: LAS VEGAS (Dec. 8, 2008)-The 2009 World Tea Expo News Release-

"Tea is Hot. Entrepreneur Magazine's 'The Hot List' named tea as one of the hottest trends and best business ideas."

"World Tea Expo is projecting record attendance - not despite the current economy, but, at least partially, because of it. Historically, economic downturns have inspired entrepreneurs to launch businesses in niche industries. With specialty tea offering a highly profitable and fast-growing opportunity in the United States, the World Tea Expo and the industry are preparing for a banner year."
-Source: LAS VEGAS (Dec. 8, 2008)-The 2009 World Tea Expo News Release-

The specialty tea market is growing, and will have a lasting financial impact on entrepreneurs that get involved. Timing is essential. With any upward trend, the first to get involved profit the most.

7. Tea Business Solutions

Tea Connexions empowers you to profit from this trend by providing you with TURN KEY TEA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

We started our tea journey in 1998 and have in-depth knowledge on what it takes to start a tea business and most importantly, know what it takes to succeed.

Using our 5 STEP Training system and 30 day plan of action, you will be able to start earning profits from the sale of teas immediately.

The timing is right--demand for specialty tea is growing.

To meet your investment needs, we have developed eight distinct wholesale packages. Click here to download our two page summary.

Our sincere hope is that one of these programs will meet your tea distribution needs.

If you have any questions, please call our office, toll free, 1.877.leaftea (532-3832) ext. 111.

I shall look forward to welcoming you to the Tea Connexions family.

Drink Tea and Prosper!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta

P.S. If you want to learn more about my motivations and inspiration for wanting to help entrepreneurs start tea businesses, read My Story

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