Monday, December 22, 2008


Early in the month of December the World Tea Expo released a news release. Highlights of the release include the following:

Despite the economic downturn, the 2009 World Tea Expo is projecting record attendance - not despite the current economy, but, at least partially, because of it. Historically, economic downturns have inspired entrepreneurs to launch businesses in niche industries. With specialty tea offering a highly profitable and fast-growing opportunity in the United States, the World Tea Expo and the industry are preparing for a banner year.

Plan to attend, May 2nd to 4th, 2009 at Mandalay Bay. Stop by Tea Connexions' booth, we would love to see you.

Sales of specialty and premium tea in the U.S. are skyrocketing. Earlier this year, market research firm Packaged Facts forecasted that U.S. tea sales would double in five years, from $7.4 billion in 2007 to $15 billion by 2012. The firm further projected that, over the same period, the specialty tea segment of the market would grow to comprise more than half of these total sales, up from its current share of 36 percent. This translates into nearly $5 billion in new specialty tea sales each year for five years - more than double the growth of commercial grade tea.

Specialty tea just happens to be Tea Connexions focus. Our product line is based exclusively on the fact that this market segment will grow the fastest.


"In the past few years, we have already seen startups by former CEOs of major national companies, acquisitions by leading conglomerates and investments in top brands by private-equity firms," commented George Jage, President and Founder of the World Tea Expo. "We are expecting an avalanche of entrepreneurs starting their own tea businesses, much like what happened with specialty coffee almost two decades ago."

Karen Foley, Publisher of Imbibe Magazine, recalled, "It was amazing to see so many people leaving 20-year careers at Fortune 500 companies to open independent coffee shops, but it brought an enormous amount of diversity and experience into the coffee community." From 1993 to 1998, the Specialty Coffee Association of America's membership grew from 300 to nearly 2,000, according to industry consultant and former SCAA executive Mike Ferguson.

With U.S. unemployment figures reaching record levels, financial experts are advising those who've considered starting their own business to do it now. In fact, 18 of the 30 current Dow Jones industrial index companies were launched during economic downturns, according to venture capital firm Reference Capital Management.


The tea industry is experiencing a boom period and now is the time to get started.

Tea Connexions can help. In fact, we have been helping entrepreneurs start tea businesses since 2001.

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