Wednesday, March 26, 2008


1998 was a pivotal year for Tea Connexions, for this was the year that I met Suruchi while I was researching my own product line. After being a broker for several years I decided that I did not want to market any product that I did not physically own. So I travelled to India. It was during this trip that I looked into many product lines. Mushrooms, not the magic kind, explosives (yikes), herbal products, spices, pharmaceuticals, wall hangings, etc. I attended trade shows, met with relatives, basically did as much networking as I could. But nothing really caught my eye, with the exception of Suruchi. On a visit to my parents birth place, I met Suruchi. Well, my mind was no longer thinking about business, but how I could meet Suruchi. She looked so cute. It truly, was love at first sight. I just knew that she was my soul mate and prayed that we would be together. Well, the “someone up there” heard my prayers.

Soon after my engagement, I had to travel back to Canada. My only priority at this time, was to go back to India to see Suruchi. It was in September, 1998 that I travelled back to India. During this trip, I just happened to stop into a tea shop, and saw the most amazing packaging for teas and immediately found what I was looking for. So, as you can see, Suruchi is the reason I got into the tea business.

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