Thursday, December 31, 2009


On behalf of TEAm Connexions I would like to wish you a prosperous and happy new year.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail from Stacey Robyn of Go Gratitude and I would like to share her wonderful message:

"May this New Year be one of Joy, abundance, good-will, peaceful awakenings and graceful journeys. May we have courage to look for the blessing in every moment, and the audacity to celebrate it!

May compassion reign in our hearts and kindness ring through every word. May our waking dreams be filled with joy, creativity and passionate pursuits. May our hearts and minds be joined as One; unified within, so without.

May we remember we are all Children of the Earth: kindred spirits, brothers and sisters, members of the Great family of Love.

May we choose Love over fear; unity and harmony over separation and discord. May we have the strength to claim our authentic power; standing true in Word, action and deed, and with firm resolve BE the change we wish to see in the world.

May our children see the Light of Love in our eyes. May our elders be honored for the wisdom each bears. May every Heart trust they are Divinely endowed with the birth-right to thrive, and wake each day celebrating the Great-Full-Ness of life.

May we remember Heaven is within our Hearts, opening our eyes to the sacred in all things. May we breathe prayers of thanks into each moment, and with reverence honor the gift this Life brings.

This is our prayer. We give thanks it is so! And so it is!"

While you are reflecting on 2009 and looking to 2010, I strongly encourage you to view this wonderful video by Dewitt Jones, who encourages you to focus on what is right with this world. It will only take 20 minutes of your time, so please take a look. Always will be grateful! Live with Passion!

Drink Tea and Prosper!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta

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