Friday, December 18, 2009


Dear Teapreneur:

The objective of every entrepreneur is to earn passive income. Passive income simply means that you are earning revenue when you are not physically working. This is often referred to as time leverage.

How do you achieve time leverage? That is, how do you earn income when you are not working? For most working folks, time leverage is a dream. Most people wait until they retire, hoping their investments will yield enough dividends so they can live. However, it is clear that we can no longer rely or trust the stock market.

One of the surest ways to create passive income is by owning a business. Business owners realize that if they build their business large enough and have employees, then they will be able to earn income when they are not working. Simple, right! Not really, because having employees, a show room or store, and other expenses related to running a business, like say a restaurant, can be complicated and stressful.

Is there an alternative? Absolutely! Distribute consumables. Think about it, the largest companies in the world have been built on the sale of consumables. This is the reason that distributing tea is such a wonderful business to be in.

For more than a decade, Tea Connexions has been importing and distributing our unique product line composed of gourmet teas and beautiful tea gifts. From the beginning, we worked with other entrepreneurs who shared our passion. Our business model is built on the premise of localized distribution because we encourage entrepreneurs to build local tea brands.

Over the years, our model has evolved and changed. Today, we focus our energies on working with aspiring entrepreneurs (B to C). At the same time, our model can also be targeted to existing entrepreneurs (B to B).

Our business model is unique because it focuses on creating customer loyalty through our system of loyalty discounts. Traditional wholesale works on the premise of volume discounts, i.e. the more that is purchased the more the customer saves. Not Tea Connexions! We offer 7 unique wholesale packages that enable our customers to lock in their discount below wholesale, regardless of how much they purchase on subsequent re-orders. It is this philosophy of flexible ordering and loyalty discounts plus the many bonuses we offer—training, marketing tools, etc.—that differentiates us from our competitors.

We are focused on a simpler, fairer approach to business that empowers entrepreneurs at a grass roots level. With this in mind, our objective is to create an army of tea business entrepreneurs—teapreneurs—who build local brands supported by customers in their local communities. To build an army you need leaders—Exclusive Area Distributors (EAD).

Great companies are built on the premise of excellent products, but most importantly, superior service. What will differentiate Tea Connexions from all other tea companies is our focus on serving and retaining customers at a grass roots level. This goal will be reached by working with an elite group of EADs.

You are invited to become one of Tea Connexions EADs. Investment in the program not only locks in an exclusive territory, but you also will benefit from an elite status, higher profits on your business, passive income from tea sales in your area, and expertise from our management team that spans many decades.

As an EAD, you do not have to set up a warehouse and will avoid many of the large overhead costs of many types of consumable businesses. Instead, you can manage your territory from a home office. Your primary objective is to build your area, train, mentor, and most importantly manage. You don’t have to worry about payroll, filling orders, logistics, product development, marketing tool creation, etc. because Tea Connexions manages this for you. All you need to do is make sure that the TEAm you have developed stays motivated and focused on building their businesses. Do this and you will earn passive income because every time a customer in your territory orders tea, you earn income. The more customers and tea that is distributed in your area, the more you will earn. It really is that simple.

Our first EAD conference of 2010 is scheduled for January 16th and 17th. To review the agenda, please visit

The deadline to register for this conference is Wednesday, December 23rd. We have set up an online link where you can register:

Registration is limited to ten attendees. The cost to attend the conference is US$300 and includes the following:

* Breakfast supplied by our hosting partner, Holiday Inn Express.
* Discounted room rates.
* Hot lunch served on Saturday.
* $300 coupon credit that can be used towards the purchase of any wholesale package or exclusive Tea Connexions products at current wholesale rates. The coupon credit can also be used towards the deposit on an exclusive territory.
* Tea Connexions EAD Business Guide.

To ensure that you get full value from the $300 investment, we will e-mail you a coupon credit in the amount of $300 that you can immediately use in our wholesale store.

Attend our conference and learn about the cash flow principles that are recession proof. If you truly want to be financially free, attend our conference and we will show you how to build a cash flow business that will enable you to sit back, relax, and harvest profits year after year. This opportunity will not last forever, limited territories will be available. Once reserved, they are gone, commit today for a better future!

Again, the deadline to register is Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009. Register for our first conference and start the New Year right. Control your destiny and build the business of your dreams.

Live With Passion!

Drink Tea and Prosper!

Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta

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