Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In 2005 and 2006, we scaled back promotion and Distributor recruitment efforts to focus on training efforts. We launched conference calls and held a training conference in Saskatoon. The impact was good, but still we realized that many of our Distributors needed more hands on training. At the same time, growing Homeland Security issues were making it harder to fill orders effectively. The lack of personal training had some negative impacts and we saw this in order traffic, which, in turn was having a negative impact on our Master Distributors. This was, increasingly, becoming an issue.

I went through a lot of inner turmoil during this period because I knew the company had to move and set up our own Distribution facilities in the United States and set up a US training program to ensure ongoing success. The issue holding me back was family obligations. I am the only son and felt a responsibility to stay in Saskatoon and be closer to my parents. As an investor in the company, my father realized the problems and I think sensed my reasons for not moving. In March, 2006, my parents advised me that they wanted me to move the business. I got their blessing and thus began our 15 month plan to move the business.

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